Tight Security for Match between Birmingham City and Aston Villa

The security was very tight yesterday at St. Andrews as the two teams of the same area namely Birmingham City and Aston Villa were taking on each other after a while and the passionate supporters had to be kept in check for the denial of any unpleasant event.

A helicopter was moving all over the stadium with a recording camera which was capturing the scenes and redirecting it to the screens placed in the control room of Birmingham police where the higher officials were closely watching that.

Apart from getting redirected, the scenes were getting stored as well in a mini chip that had been fitted in the camera so that they could be viewed later if needed.
While there was no violence as such in the stands during the match, the security officials came quickly into action after the match and took more than 10 people into custody.

It remains unclear whether those people were caught in that recording camera making some provocative moves
Meanwhile, a spectator who had gone for the match has accused a security official of getting him down with a forceful shove of his elbow for no reason while he was on his way out of the stadium.

As per that spectator called Rodney, he can’t seem to recall anything provocative that he would have done there. So, he didn’t understand that kind of action from that official.

Rodney, who is an old man, is hurt by that blow and he has had to file a leave application at his workplace as he is not in a condition to work.

His complaint has been taken into account though and an assurance has been given to him by Birmingham Police that the official whom he says has misbehaved with him would not be spared if he is found culprit following an investigation.