Garry Monk: It is indeed Very Strange

Garry Monk, after being sacked from the Birmingham City football club, confessed that he felt very strange to stay without any kind of job, especially during the summer. It was revealed that he would be the new boss for Sheffield Wednesday. But unfortunately, he got sacked from his post in the month of June this year at St. Andrews. Xuandong Ren is the CEO of BCFC and his relationship with Garry Monk reached the breaking point which can be the main reason behind Monk being sacked from his post.

Pep clotet, the assistant to Monk for Birmingham City got selected as the head coach in replace of him. It was for the very first time in the career of Garry Monk that he could not be a part of the pre-season game. He stated that he found it to be very strange as he was away for the entire summer season games, but he took it positively. He said that he had other interests, but he was mainly focusing on Wednesday.

Monk said that his off time was beneficial to him as he went to watch many games that were being played at that moment. According to him, it happens a lot of time when you only have to concentrate and take preparation for those 2 to 3 games that lies in front of you for the club you are playing. But he watched football games that had a lot of variety. He got the chance to watch championship games. He tried to estimate how other clubs are working on it.
He utilized his off time by studying and understanding the ways by which he can improve himself. Monk is quite confident that for the 15 months that he has worked for Birmingham City, he will surely land up with a good job opportunity soon.