Gary Rowett isnt Feeling Sorry at the Moment

Gary Rowett believes there is no point feeling sorry at the moment.

The Birmingham boss instead wants his boys to dig in deep and see how they can come out of this troubling phase.

Birmingham had a hell of a start in the second division of English Football this season, but, they started slipping a little bit towards the end of 2014 and right now, the scenario is that they have not had a victory in their last 8 games.

They are 17th in the 24-team Championship currently.
Rowett has even tried to change his formation of late. He has been a little more attacking, but, the results have been the same, even worse one can say as the Blues have conceded more goals in the recent games.

In such situations when nothing tends to go right, the players almost start feeling sorry and give up.

And, Rowett knows that. He is wary of the situation and that’s why, he is trying his best to keep the spirits high inside the group.

Speaking to the media yesterday, the 40-year old said, “With the same bunch of guys, we won so many games during the summer and there is no reason why we can’t win consistently again. It’s all about knuckling down and finding a way for ourselves. We have to make things happen somehow.”

The last game that Birmingham had won in the championship was a month back on 10th of January against Wigan Athletic at home. Since then, they have played 5 draws and suffered 3 defeats.

They had actually started playing slightly defensive Football in the New Year and that cost them. They probably need to be ruthless and be a little more expressive on the pitch. They have looked to do so in the last couple of games and they should continue that way.