Birmingham City bounce back after huge loss against Derby County

On December 26 of 2014 Birmingham City sustained a heavy defeat as they faced off with Derby County and lost 4-0.

2 days later following that morale crushing defeat and Birmingham City managed to bounce back by claiming a 3-1 triumph over Nottingham Forest. The manager of Birmingham City, Gary Rowett believes that his team deserves more credit for being able to come back from such a big defeat and end the year of 2014 on a high note.

“It’s as good a result as any, particularly after a heavy defeat at home to Derby – which I said after that game I felt was a little bit harsh on us. But that shows character, I am sure there were one or two in there who might have thought ‘I fancy a little breather today after that 4-0, get me out of the firing line’’

“But they have all manned up and put in an absolutely fantastic performance once again. I have been so pleased with everybody’’ Birmingham City’s Gary Rowett said.

Gary Rowett continued on saying that the team is back on track in the English Championship League as they have secured a total of 3 victories in the past 4 matches that they have played and it’s an impressive accomplishment considering how competitive their league is.

“We’re now on the back of four wins out of five again which is very difficult to do at any level, let alone the Championship, which as we know is a competitive league. We’ve played against and beaten some very good sides. The Forest match was another example that we shouldn’t be fearful of anyone.” Gary Rowett added on.

Rowett wants his team to continue having the ‘’no fear’’ approach as his players are starting to give it all out in the pitch and not be afraid of what opponents they are facing on the playing ground.