Gary Rowett is eager for January to arrive

Birmingham City is scraping into the play offs of the English League Championship which is a huge turn around for the club which was located in the bottom section of the 2nd tier English league when Gary Rowett took charge of City back in October of 2014.

Making a transition from the bottom to the higher section of the league is something which is not easy to accomplish but Gary Rowett managed to accomplish this and it’s why he has been so .

Even though Birmingham City are doing much better than before, Gary Rowett is certain that his team can still be sharpened and improved further, this is why he’s eager for the winter transfer window to arrive in January as the English manager is planning on making a number of changes to his squad within the next few weeks.

“I think we’re in a better position this January. Without getting people overly-excited I think we’re in the best position we’ve been in for a while and I’m quite excited. I’ve probably not helped in some ways, but I almost can’t wait for January to come.

“I’m not trying to dismiss the next four or five games and mean they don’t matter because of course they do. But the point to me is that we’ll be in a very good position to strengthen and with the players coming back it’s quite an exciting time.” Birmingham City’s Gary Rowett stated as he voiced his excitement for what’s lying ahead.

One of the things that has been affecting the squad of Gary Rowett the most are injuries as this has forced some of the key players of Birmingham City including: Clayton Donaldson and David Cotterill but with the arrival of the winter transfer window, Rowett is hoping that with the upcoming transfers, these injury problems will be resolved.