Andres Iniesta has rejected suggestions that he does not get along well with Luis Enrique

Spanish midfielder Andres Iniesta has rejected suggestions that he does not get along well with manager Luis Enrique at Barcelona.

Regarded as one of the best players at the Catalan club, Iniesta has been going through a poor patch of form especially in terms of scoring goals. Last season, he started only 19 of the 38 league matches. More importantly, he failed to come up with even a single goal in the league. Aside from these statistics, Iniesta will feel that he played a major role in helping the club win another treble. When Barcelona won the treble under Guardiola, Iniesta was just approaching the peak of his career.

Now, though, there are different situations at the Catalan club with Iniesta being seen as the senior member of the squad. Since coming to manage Barcelona last summer, Enrique has made some vital changes in terms of tactics and personnel. Xavi Hernandez has been allowed to leave the club in what is seen by many as an end of the era. The departure for Iniesta would also be viewed in a similar manner, but the 31-year-old has denied suggestions of a fallout. However, he admitted that the tactics of the manager does not suit his style of play.

“It is not true that I am suffering in Luis Enrique’s style of play. In the end, you always have to find your place and feel well in a certain formation and I am able to continue doing just that. It is true that perhaps some things have changed for me but that is not a negative thing, in my opinion.I have gone through all kinds of moments last season, with different emotions, I don’t think it was a bad season for me on a personal level. I am more than happy both on an individual and collective level for what we achieved,” said Iniesta.