Birmingham City Enters the Grey Shade

The Birmingham city club is at the 9th position on the EFL league table with a score of 46 points from 32 matches. But there is a lot that the team is facing right now than the challenge to maintain their position and up there game.

Che Adams, the Birmingham city phenomenon, is the main focus of Manchester United and Arsenal after hitting the net for 6 consecutive matches, although he missed out on the legacy in the last game he played at St Andrew’s. He hit 19 goals this season and so Monk raised his price during the transfer window, leaving the player in his team.

The phenomenon turned the game in their favor by his performance and at the same time, there was a dark shade to the victory. After the team was placed under an embargo in the last season, it signed the Danish Defender Kristian Pedersen which lead to the violation of the new financial rules made by the EFL, breaching the profitability and sustainability regulation.

Their fate will meet its judgment by the end of this month, and the rumor has it that they will have to face a 12 point deduction. Although the team is playing under the uncertainty of the rumor, the manager to the team, Gary Monk, is only worried about the team’s performance in the league. The deduction would mean a major fall out for the team in the league but the manager doesn’t want that to stop the team from performing their best. He says, “We work on what we need to work on, keep the atmosphere positive and keep moving forward.”The team is under a lot of pressure but the only choice they have is to perform their best and turn the winds in their direction.