Birmingham city have made a poor start to the season under the management of Lee Clark, who has come under pressure in recent weeks. However, the manager has said that he is not prepared to look at the table right now because it is still early in the season.

He is only prepared to win football matches as it comes. When asked about how he would judge the start of the season, Clark said that it would be a success if the club managed to beat Sheffield Wednesday in the next league match. This is because he was seeing the season as just one game and not worrying about the past results.

It would be interesting to see if the Birmingham board accept to this viewpoint especially given the poor start they have made. Birmingham are close to the relegation zone after having won only one match from the opening seven encounters. A win against Sheffield Wednesday, though, will change the entire perspective because it would get them clear out of the relegation zone. Birmingham have been selling a number of their top players over the last few years, and it is beginning to show the effect on the team.
This summer has seen yet another several arrivals and departures.

“It’s a success just to beat Sheffield Wednesday Saturday and then I will look to the next game. There’s no targets been set, it’s just about doing the best I can for a great club and moving forward that way, trying to develop the young players we have, add value to the squad by doing that and going from there. I am working for a huge club. I am the manager of a huge club,” said the manager ahead of the match with Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday. Birmingham have not won in the last three matches.