Former Wigan Athletic manager Paul Jewell was at the centre of other controversy after he criticised the female match officials.

Andy Gray was one of the last high-profile names to be charged with the sexism row, and Paul Jewell has become the latest one to be embroiled in this situation.

The criticism from Paul Jewell came after the 2-1 defeat Ipswich town suffered at the hands of Birmingham City, a result that leaves Ipswich town just two places above the relegation zone heading into the weekend’s match against Blackpool. Ipswich town were coming on the back of a poor run of form, which has seen the side drop alarmingly low down the table. The latest football betting online markets now place Ipswich as one of the favourites to go down.

Nikola Zigic opened the scoring for Birmingham City as early as in the ninth minute. However, Lee Martin helped Ipswich back onto level terms in the match when he scored in the 18th minute. After that, it was a game of cat and mouse, as both teams tried to take the lead with failure.

However, in the final few minutes of the match, Nikola Zigic stepped up to score a winning second goal. Ipswich then went into all-out-attack mode, and had a penalty appeal turned down, sparking a rage of anger in the Ipswich town boss, who later criticised the match officials – most particularly the assistant referee Amy Fearn.

“I think everyone to a man thought it was a penalty. Unfortunately to every man, but not a woman. Although the referee didn’t have a good view, I thought the lineswoman, or whatever she’s called, had a great view” Jewell said after the match. “It wasn’t given, and you know the rest.”

Probably better off having a bet on Norwich rather than Ipswich right now then (sorry tractor boys…!)