The Championship club Birmingham City has struggled in this season trying to keep their head above water as they scrape the lower section of the league and after not being able to pick up positive results in their home turf, it has been officially announced that the assistant manager and the first team coach of the club have been sacked.

Terry McDermott and Derek Fazackerley was the duo in charge of implementing the formation and tactics for Birmingham City but after not being able to win in their home stadium after 11 matches it was only a matter of time until the club went through a few changes of their own.

The former Everton player Steve Watson is being linked as the man to be the next assistant manager of Birmingham City and he is expected to be joined along with Richard Beale and John Vaughan.

The manager of the club, Lee Clark has denied saying that anybody has been sacked although confirmation from the media has been announced.

Clark stated: “We had a discussion at the weekend, a debriefing of the game with players and staff. As I said, no one has been sacked. We had a discussion. And, as you know in employment, once that happens, it has to go down the legal route and that is where we are at the moment. For legal reasons I can’t divulge much more we are discussions with the two guys.”

John Vaughan will remain being the club’s goalkeeper coach while Richard Beale is expected to retain his position as development squad manager.

“John has always been in that position in the dugout, but the two other lads move into those roles and it will be of great help and great support to us,” Clark added.