Birmingham International Holdings owns the Championship League club

Birmingham International Holdings is the company that owns the Championship League club and it has reported that a former employee of the club might have left £2.5m unaccounted for. The parent company of Birmingham City FC has already told this news to the police in their region which is in Hong Kong and they are now investigating this incident.

“The Company has reported the suspected misappropriation of funds to the Hong Kong Police Force and they are currently investigating the matter.” This was part of the statement that was released by Birmingham International Holdings.
An investigation committee has been set up which is going to examine what could have occurred in this event. Carson Yeung is the former president of Birmingham City but he had to resign and leave his role in the English club after it was discovered that he had been involved in money laundering and was jailed for 6 years.

Carson Yeung still remains being the majority shareholder but now the Championship League is receiving bids in order to switch ownership.

Jerry Ko is a former colleague of the convicted money launderer Carson Yeung and Ko was arrested by Hong Kong police but was later released after it was announced that more investigations needs to be done.

A total of 7 bidders and possible suitors of Birmingham City have shown interest in taking control of the English outfit and if any of them is accepted by the Birmingham International Holdings then the influence and control that Carson Yeung has will be reaching it’s end.

Even with all of the financial problems that the club is experiencing in this season, Birmingham City are going through a much better season than the previous one where they just barely managed to escape the bottom relegation zone. In this current season, Birmingham City has a pillow of 10 points over the dreadful relegation spots and with less than 7 league matches remaining, they should be able to survive in the Championship League for another year.