Birmingham Happy With Relegation Avoidance

Birmingham city manager Lee Clark was delighted man after his Birmingham team managed to avoid relegation by the skin of their teeth. Birmingham came into the final weekend in the championship as one of the teams involved in the relegation dogfight. For long periods of the match against Bolton Wanderers, it looked like they would be relegated to the third division of English football. This was primarily because they were looking totally out of the picture after conceding two goals in the second half.

A defeat would have seen the teams of six consecutive defeats, which would have been a major reason towards their relegation. However, Birmingham completed a remarkable turnaround by scoring two goals in the second half. The second goal especially was much more difficult, as it came into injury time. This meant that Birmingham have been able to survive in the championship on goal difference. Doncaster Rovers also have the same amount of points, but they will be relegated due to an inferior goal difference.

After the match, Clark was delighted man. Relegation would have crippled the club, which has already been suffering with a lot of financial problems. Clark has stated that the club can hope to build for the next season and avoid relegation trouble throughout the campaign.

“You know what, not once could you say that about these players, that they didn’t care. And that’s why fans have stood by them. They have supported them because they see the effort has been there. None of them have ever not tried in the games or on the training pitch. Yes, we have lacked quality at times and have had very disappointing days. We have had too many disappointing days, of course we have. But this group have always given their best,” said the manager after their championship status was confirmed.