Coach Gianfranco Zola has not actually made quite the impact that greeted his announcement as Blues boss.

Looking back did the coach try to change too much in such a short space? Zola would need to utilize the forthcoming preseason very well with the team to help them understand his philosophies rather than impose them too quickly.

For now Zola would need to get the result against Derby County and against former coach Gary Rowett. With the calibre of players at the club, Zola should have been more strategic in tweaking things up. Before now the Blues team were more balanced. They sat back when required and hit oppositions on counters but now they try to dominate and keep up the pressure upfront all the time without managing the situation well.

These moves by Zola seem to have affected the team. City need to have concrete plans in place. There is no need for the regular change in managers and always doling outmoney at every given opportunity. The club needs to have a long term mindset, develop the right philosophies and work towards it.

If Birmingham lose to Derby this weekend, the backlash from the fans might force the board to take actions that might have larger consequences so it’s back to the basics. Zola would need to work with the present to get the results while strategically introducing his policies. He has spent so much in the market but the results pale compared to other managers of the club.

Before Christmas the team was not in this bad a shape but things have taken a bad turn that might end in Zola’s dismissal and the gains from the whole process eroded.